5 myths about cinderella slot

Myths about cinderella slothttp://onlinecasinopolis.net/real-money-slots/cinderella are quite common as about all the other slot machines. Regardless of how experienced the player is, he or she can believe in one of these myths. The key point that everyone should remember is slots is the game in which luck plays a major role. There is no mathematical strategy that would help you predict the outcome of the game. But still some people prefer to rely on some strange signs.


Myth 1

If the machine did not pay money for a long time, then you will definitely win in the next few spins. This is a misconception, since only the RNG affects the payment of the machine, and it is impossible to predict its behavior. The chances for success are exactly the same at each back.


Myth 2

Machines with the largest payouts usually cost in the corner of the casino or close to the exit. This is not true, because the casino staff cannot know which machine will bring you more money – everything determines the RNG. Consequently, the casino does not hide anything from you.


Myth 3

Check the temperature of the machine. And play on one that is warm, because heated coins give more chances of success. Perhaps this is one of those myths that clearly lacks common sense. The player who started to spread this myth, probably won sitting under the heater.

In general, every player should remember that only the RNG affects the result of the game in slots. RNG and luck. Do not try to return the money lost to the car – today it’s just not your day and you can easily lose all your savings if you do not stop on time. Just turn around and walk away. Perhaps luck will be more favorable to you next time.


Myth 4

Certain hours of the day are suitable for playing better than others. This is not true. The casinos do not have the ability to reprogram the interest payments in games so easily and simply. On some sites you will also find information that it’s better to play on certain days of the week than to others, or that interest payments improve on holidays, or something like that. In any case, this is not so. Time of day, day of the week, as well as special events in the city does not affect your chances of winning in slots.


Myth 5

Some people believe, that it is possible to win just clicking on the back button. In fact, this can only slow down your game a little, but chances of winning will not raise from this. Still, in such a case player can reduce the number of money, which he loses. For example, by using such strategy are more likely to reduce number of spins to 350 spins per hour. If you are playing for a really lazy dollar machine with a payout percentage of 97%, then you can expect (mathematically) that you will lose about $ 12 per hour by clicking on the button. So in fact this method is a bit nonsense, but for those who care about small details it may seem resultative.

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